The SBIF Review – workshop information now available

The questionnaire and interview results analysis is nearing completion, and preparation for the next stage of the Review – the workshop stage – has begun.

The objective of the workshop stage is the co-creation of a design for an improved infrastructure for biological recording, and each workshop will take place over two days later this year.  The dates are:

  • Workshop 1 – Data Flow Options (18-19 September)
  • Workshop 2 – Service Provision Options (17-18 October)
  • Workshop 3 – Governance Options (9-10 November)
  • Workshop 4 – Funding Options (4-5 December)

Details as to how the workshops will run are still being worked out, but we have already summarised the assumptions under which the workshops will operate:

  • That we will achieve full coverage of Scotland with data and services available for everywhere from anywhere
  • That we are seeking to maximise the step changes that can be achieved for collective benefit
  • That each workshop accepts the findings of the prior workshop and our Questionnaire and Interview results
  • That each workshop will produce a useful output to inform subsequent workshops and Review Recommendations
  • That, for the workshops noted, we will be agnostic about people (workshops 1-2), governance (workshops 1-2), funding (workshops 1-3) and technology (workshops 1-4)
  • That, in due course, all stakeholders will act to facilitate the governance and funding models proposed
  • That whatever we recommend could be replicated/desirable in other countries
  • That at least the minimum viable model is fundable

The workshops are an important stage of the Review process, and will build on the findings of both the Questionnaire and the Interviews.  Invitations to potential workshop participants will be issued shortly, and further information about this and future stages of the Review can be found on our web pages on this website.

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