Over the years, the NBN Trust and its partners have developed a range of tools and resources to aid biological recording.

GDPR and Biological Data

If you would like more information on biological recording and data protection, see:

Biological Recording and Data Protection May 2018 (Web page)

Biological Recording and Data Protection May 2018 (Downloadable document)

ID Resources

Information to help with identification of species brought together from across the Network

See what ID Resources are available

Recorder 6

Recorder 6 is the ultimate tool for those entering, collating and exchanging records of species and habitats. It includes extensive, and very flexible, facilities for outputting the data including the ability to link other systems, such as GIS, directly to the data holdings.

UK Species Inventory

Taxon names and classification on the NBN Atlas comes from the UK Species Inventory, which is managed by the Natural History Museum in London.

Find out more about the UK Species Inventory

NBN Record Cleaner

NBN Record Cleaner is a free software tool to help people improve the quality of their wildlife records and databases.

Whether you are an individual recorder or work in an organisation such as a Local Environmental Records Centre or a Recording Scheme, the NBN Record Cleaner is designed to help you spot common problems in your data. The goal is to aid the process of data cleaning and ensure the quality of any datasets you pass on to others.

Find out more about NBN Record Cleaner

Online recording resources

If you are considering your own biological recording website or online recording survey, then the information in our online recording toolkit may help

Find out more about setting up your own online recording website