We are pleased to introduce you to the NBN Trust team.

You can find out more about us or get in touch by using the details below.

Marise Astall-Palin

Marise Astall-Palin

Finance and Business Officer

Tel: 0115 850 0171

Email: m.astall.palin@nbn.org.uk


Emily Baker

Emily Baker

Better Biodiversity Data project – Data and Digital Services Manager

Email: e.baker@nbn.org.uk



Lisa Chilton

Chief Executive Officer

Email: l.chilton@nbn.org.uk



Purba Choudhury

Purba Choudhury

Communications Officer

Tel: 0115 850 0172
Email: p.choudhury@nbn.org.uk


Bethany Fairbairn

Better Biodiversity Data project – Business Analyst

Email: b.fairbairn@nbn.org.uk




Mel Hardie

Biodiversity Data Manager (NBN Atlas)

Email: m.hardie@nbn.org.uk



Mandy Henshall

Communications and Engagement Manager

Tel: 0115 850 0173

Email: m.henshall@nbn.org.uk


Sarah Hyslop

Finance and Business Manager

Tel: 0115 850 0171
Email: s.hyslop@nbn.org.uk



Helen Manders JonesHelen Manders Jones

NBN Atlas Lead Developer

Email: h.manders.jones@nbn.org.uk




Will Millard

Will Millard

NBN Atlas Biodiversity Data Officer

Email: w.millard@nbn.org.uk



Keith Raven

Keith Raven

NBN Atlas Developer with DevOps

Email: k.raven@nbn.org.uk



Giselle SterryGiselle Sterry

Membership & iNaturalistUK Lead

Tel: 0115 850 0174
Email: g.sterry@nbn.org.uk



Rhiannydd Stock

NBN Atlas Support Officer

Email: r.stock@nbn.org.uk




Christine Tansey

Better Biodiversity Data project – Partnership Officer

Email: c.tansey@nbn.org.uk




Michael Tetley

Better Biodiversity Data project – Scotland Programme Manager

Email: m.tetley@nbn.org.uk