We are pleased to introduce you to the NBN Trust team.

You can find out more about us or get in touch by using the details below.

Lisa Chilton

Chief Executive Officer

Email: l.chilton@nbn.org.uk




Purba Choudhury

Purba Choudhury

Communications Officer

Tel: 0115 850 0172
Email: p.choudhury@nbn.org.uk



Mandy Henshall

Senior Communications Officer

Tel: 0115 850 0173

Email: m.henshall@nbn.org.uk



Sarah Hyslop

Finance & Business Officer

Tel: 0115 850 0171
Email: s.hyslop@nbn.org.uk



Helen Manders JonesHelen Manders Jones

NBN Atlas Lead Developer

Email: h.manders.jones@nbn.org.uk




Katie Oliver

NBN Atlas Support Officer

Tel: 0115 850 0175

Email: k.oliver@nbn.org.uk



Sophia Ratcliffe

NBN Atlas Data Manager

Tel: 0115 857 7630

Email: s.ratcliffe@nbn.org.uk


Giselle SterryGiselle Sterry

Membership & Business Development Officer

Tel: 0115 850 0174
Email: g.sterry@nbn.org.uk
Twitter: @Giselle_Sterry