Helen Manders Jones





NBN Atlas Lead Developer

Email: h.manders.jones@nbn.org.uk

Role at the NBN Trust

Helen’s role is to lead the ongoing development of the NBN Atlas and extended functionality.

Core work responsibilities

  • Leading design and development of the NBN Atlas
  • Design and implementation of new features and extended functionality
  • Delivering various software development tasks using a range of languages
  • Manage migrations, BAU (business as usual), documentation, testing, deployment and environment
  • Enforce best practice
  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance of the NBN Atlas
  • Provide technical advice and support to the NBN Trust team.

About Helen

I started off studying Music, switched to Oceanography then for some reason decided I did like Mathematics after all and ended up doing a PhD in it together with High Performance Computing.  After a couple of years in academic research and lecturing I moved into commercial software development. I spent over 20 years contracting as a Full Stack Java Enterprise developer and have worked for many different companies all over the UK and a little in Europe and North America. I am also an associate lecturer in computing for the Open University. I’m rather fanatical about windsurfing and also wing foiling.