Making data work for nature

The NBN Trust provides vital evidence for nature’s recovery. We build partnerships to meet the needs of those who require biodiversity evidence – for policies, planning, research and conservation – and to connect people and communities with nature.

Sharing data on the NBN Atlas

The NBN Atlas is the UK’s largest collection of publicly available biodiversity data and it accepts species records from organisations across the UK.

Any group or organisation can become an NBN Atlas data provider and share their records on the NBN Atlas, however we ask that unverified records are made available to National Schemes and Societies for verification. You can find out more about Schemes and Societies on the Biological Records Centre website.

We have guidance for sharing data, and you can also contact us at if you have any questions.

Share data on the NBN Atlas – information for groups or organisations


We don’t accept records from individuals or ad-hoc sightings and ask that these records are submitted through one of the online recording platforms. If you would like to submit a sighting or are new to recording wildlife, you can find more information at the link below:

Submit a sighting – individuals