“Biological data collected and shared openly by the Network are central to the UK’s learning and understanding of its biodiversity and are critical to all decision-making about nature and the environment”

This is the NBN vision and the sharing of data is critical to us achieving it.

The benefits of sharing data

Wildlife information that is shared between organisations can help to support research, education, conservation and decision-making, to name just a few applications.  Increasingly more and more organisations are sharing their data openly, without restrictions and this is fully endorsed by the NBN.

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Sharing data through the NBN and NBN Gateway

The NBN Gateway is an online tool to help people share and explore information about wildlife in the UK.  It offers a safe but flexible way for groups and organisations to share the wildlife information they hold more widely. Wildlife information is supplied by groups and organisations who administer their data within individual datasets on the NBN Gateway. The NBN Gateway cannot accept data from individuals, but if you would like to see your personal wildlife records on the NBN Gateway we would encourage you to pass your data to a Local Environmental Records Centre or a Recording Scheme, Society or Group. These groups are well placed to look after your data and make them available through the NBN Gateway.

Find out more about the national database –  the NBN Gateway

If you are new to biological recording, you can find out how to get involved here.

NBN Atlas Scotland

The NBN Atlas Scotland does the same for the wildlife of Scotland as the NBN Gateway does for the UK. It is also a pilot for a UK-wide initiative to develop new biodiversity data infrastructure for the entire United Kingdom. The objectives of the Atlas are about education, promotion of biodiversity and providing a trusted portal for Scottish biodiversity data.

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