The National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Trust is a small charity with a big plan – to make data work for nature. For more than twenty years we’ve been making biodiversity data accessible, to support better decisions about the natural world and to connect people with nature.

Biodiversity data (also known as ‘biological records’) is information about what species are found where. Every day, in every part of the UK, biodiversity data is helping answer vital questions. Researchers investigating the spread of non-native wildlife. Conservationists selecting the best locations for protecting a rare species. Planners deciding whether or not to approve a new housing development. Each of these, and many more besides, depend on good biodiversity data.

Without the NBN Trust, much of this data would remain unseen, unknown and unused. But we don’t work alone. Partnership is central to our mission, and we connect more than 200 organisations, large and small, through our National Biodiversity Network: a dedicated community of people passionate about wildlife data. Working together, we create a vast flow of data carrying the evidence needed to protect and restore biodiversity, and the stories to inspire wonder and commitment.

At the heart of this flow is the NBN Atlas, our data portal. The NBN Atlas is the UK’s largest repository of publicly available biodiversity data, with more than 200 million records of over 46,000 UK species. This is a vital resource for those who wish to understand and protect nature.

Our mission over the next five years is to do even more to increase the volume, quality, accessibility, and impact of biodiversity data. To make sure that every record can play its part in restoring nature.

The NBN Trust vision is:

“Nature thriving everywhere, in all its diversity.”

We passionately believe that, together, we can reverse the biodiversity crisis.  Our sights are set on a future in which the natural world has bounced back to health.  In which nature is sharing with us its many gifts – from clean air and water to food and flood-prevention.  And in which wildlife is bringing joy, hope and inspiration to our daily lives.

The NBN Trust mission is:

“Making data work for nature.”

We provide vital evidence for nature’s recovery.  We build partnerships to meet the needs of those who require biodiversity data – for policies, planning, research and conservation – and to connect people and communities with nature.

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