Keith Raven


NBN Atlas Developer with DevOps


Role at the NBN Trust

Keith’s role is to provide on-going support and maintenance of the NBN Atlas, associated websites, and API.

Core work responsibilities

  • Managing and improving the NBN Atlas infrastructure.
  • Helping to automate operational and system admin procedures.
  • Implementing new NBN Atlas functionality.
  • Improving the NBN Atlas code base.
  • Helping to design and implement reusable NBN components and plugins.

About Keith

Working for the NBN Trust is the coming together of many of the things I’m passionate about, and an exciting opportunity to apply my previous experience in a context that fascinates me.

My interests have always spanned both art and science, and having studied a crafts degree I started out as a furniture maker. Alongside this I found myself increasingly interested in programming seeing it as a similarly creative process albeit with a different medium.

Following a period in teaching I decided to pursue programming full time and have since spent 13 years working on projects across many sectors including education, health and industry. In recent years I have had a particular focus on helping people digitise previously manual processes and systems, not only streamlining their operations but helping them understand and utilise them more effectively.

Over a number of years I have had an increasing awareness of environmental issues, and outside of programming my mind has always been in or under the sea – even when I am not! I am passionate about exploring the marine environment through freediving and have more recently been drawn to the recording of species and observations, constantly being amazed at what I discover and wanting to contribute to its understanding and protection.