NBN web services provide a way of embedding data and maps from the NBN Gateway into websites and online applications, giving rapid access to the most up-to-date biodiversity data on the NBN Gateway.

Web services are used by a wide range of NBN partners for many purposes; to inform environmental decision making, to support the volunteer recording community or simply to help people find out about the wildlife that has been recorded ‘in their backyard’.  A significant portion of the data used from the NBN Gateway comes through implementations of web services.

To use web services you need to be able to write in a programming language, such as Java, PHP or ASP.

Click on the link below to find out more about web services and how you can implement them. From the link you can find further information about web services.

Working with REST Web services

Other web services

NBN Web Services provide a lot of power and flexibility but, if all you want is a simple distribution map for a species, you can get this much more simply by using EasyMap. EasyMap enables you to get a live NBN map on your website in one line of HTML.  It is used on websites such as the Orthoptera Recording Scheme and the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat.

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