This section of the website explains how to start recording wildlife or get more involved with relevant organisations.

For those who are already involved in recording it tells you how to share your data and how to explore and use the data that is available through the national database – the NBN Gateway.

Everything relating to recording, sharing and using links to the NBN Data Flow Pathway as shown below

Data flow pathway - headings only

Start recording wildlife

Here you can submit a sighting and find out about the organisations that are running surveys for particular species through the database of recording schemes.
It also tells you how to join a recording scheme and why you should get involved.

Share your data

You can find out what controls you have over shared data as well as reading the simple step by step guides to preparing your data and administering your data

Explore and use data

You can visit the national database – the NBN Gateway
You can also see how data are being used by reading the case studies from our members or data partners
We also explain how you can use the data in various ways – from publications, to reports to TV programmes