The National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards aim to empower children and young people to make a positive difference to both their own and nature’s future.

These free programmes will provide educators with the support and guidance to put nature at the heart of education. Across all areas of the National Curriculum, they will give every learner in England the opportunity to develop a meaningful connection to nature, build skills for their future and contribute to nature recovery.

England’s primary and secondary schools cover an area roughly twice the size of Birmingham! So, nurseries, schools and colleges taking part in the programme will become a vast network of spaces across England that together form the National Education Nature Park. This pioneering initiative gives children and young people the opportunity to lead the way in mapping, monitoring and enhancing their learning sites for nature. An online map will visualise the collective difference that everyone’s individual actions are making for nature across the country.

Climate Action Awards

The Climate Action Awards will recognise schools and colleges that have brought about change at an institutional level, supporting their students in developing green skills, championing nature and working towards a sustainable future. The Climate Action Awards are part of a phased rollout of the National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards programme and more information will follow on them in due course.
Find out more on the National Education Nature Park website including information about funding opportunities. You can also sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date.

How will the NBN Trust contribute?

As part of the programme, learners will start to use iNaturalistUK and learn more about biological recording and the value of data to understand the UK’s precious biodiversity. We are developing a set of dedicated “how to” guides for educators and inputting on lesson ideas and we’ll provide more information on this in due course. See what is available to date on iNaturalistUK. 
You can read more about the programme in our news article from February 2023.