The NBN Trust published its 2022 – 2027 strategy – “Making data work for nature” – on 4 May 2022.

Our vision is of nature thriving everywhere, in all its diversity. We passionately believe that, together, we can reverse the biodiversity crisis. That’s why partnership is central to our mission. Working with our National Biodiversity Network – the UK’s largest partnership for nature – we create a vast flow of data carrying the evidence needed to protect and restore biodiversity, and the stories to inspire wonder and commitment.

The new strategy takes us into the NBN Trust’s third decade and celebrates the fifth anniversary of the launch of the NBN Atlas, one of the world’s largest repositories of publicly available biodiversity data. With more than 250 million records of over 50,000 UK species, the NBN Atlas is at the heart of the data flow for nature’s recovery and is a vital resource for those who wish to understand and protect nature.

We have only a few years to bring about the changes that are needed to address the biodiversity crisis in the UK. The NBN Trust’s new strategy sets out our ambitions and our commitment to helping make this happen.

Download the NBN Trust’s Strategy