NBN Trust Strategy 2021-2025 – First Draft: now open for consultation


The NBN Trust is developing its next 5-year strategy to be launched in 2021 and we would love to have your input!

The NBN Trust supports and advocates on behalf of the NBN membership and users as well as maintaining and developing the NBN Atlas. It is vital for us to ensure our strategy is informed by your needs. To that end, we would like to know what challenges and opportunities you will face in the coming years, and what will be your key priorities so we can shape a strategy that delivers a sustainable and effective NBN Trust, supporting the needs of a vibrant and engaged NBN membership.

There will be multiple opportunities for you to provide input to the strategy and give your views on the priorities for the next five years. We have already undertaken two surveys, details below. The strategy will also be informed by the outcomes of the knowledge exchange sessions held at the NBN Conference 2019 and via discussions in the Stakeholder Advisory Group. If you would like to provide your views directly to us, please drop us an email or arrange a time to talk to our CEO, Jo Judge.

This is your opportunity to influence the work of the Trust, so please do take part in the discussions to ensure our strategy reflects the priorities of the Network.

The survey is open to individuals and organisations.

NBN Strategy First Draft Consultation – Autumn 2020

The NBN Trust has now developed the first draft of its strategy for 2021-2025. It is essential that we get the feedback of the Network on our proposed strategy and activities to ensure that we produce a strategy that will be of real benefit to the Network. The first draft of the text for the strategy document and the High Level Activity Plan 2021/22 are now available and we would very much appreciate your feedback on these documents via this questionnaire. The questionnaire will close for responses on Sunday 18 October.

Should you wish to discuss your feedback in more detail, please get in touch to set up a meeting with our Chief Executive, Jo Judge.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read the documents and provide us with your feedback!

NBN Trust Strategy 2021 – 2025 DRAFT

NBN Trust High Level Activity Plan 2021_22 v2

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Previous Consultations

First round survey – completed

The initial survey closed to responses on 10 January 2020.

This was the very first step in what will be a year long review and refresh of a strategy for the NBN Trust. In order to ensure our strategic aims and objectives are in line with those of our members we need to know what your strategic aims and objectives are.

The survey therefore consisted of the following questions:

  1. What do you see as the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the biodiversity data sector over the next five years and why?
  2. What are your / your organisations’ main priorities for dealing with these challenges and opportunities and why?
  3. What are you / your organisation doing to address those issues and how might your work support the wider Network?

We also asked respondents to provide a link to their organisation’s strategic objectives and/or theory of change if available.

We wanted to hear the thoughts of individuals too so asked for personal responses as well.

Second round survey – completed

We released a second-round survey where we will be reflecting back what we have heard for you to comment on. The closing date for comments was Sunday 22 March 2020.

In this second round survey we asked more in depth questions. A link to the Survey was sent to all members, Network News and NBN Atlas News subscribers and NBN Atlas users.

Thank you to all those who participated – your views are very much appreciated!

Note: A couple of the questions referred to FAIR data principles. More about these can be found here.