The NBN Trust has its very own lottery!

If you choose to play the NBN Lottery, you will be helping us directly and there is the opportunity to win up to £25,000!

When you join, you’ll be given a unique 6 digit Lucky Number to be entered into the weekly draw. If you choose more than one entry, you’ll be given a separate Lucky Number for each entry.

The more numbers you match in order, the bigger the prize. Match all 6 numbers and you’ve just won £25,000! The jackpot isn’t shared and don’t worry it wont cost us a penny. There are also smaller prizes to be won from between £2 and £250.

By playing a line or two each week you can raise money for the NBN and help us to support biological recording and data sharing in the UK, at the same time as being in with a chance of winning £25,000!

As the number of players increase we will be seeking to share the income generated with our members and data providers.

The NBN Lottery is managed by The Weather Lottery. Visit The Weather Lottery website to find our more and to see the weekly winning numbers.  Good luck!

Sign up here to play or email us at if you want more information.