The NBN works in partnership with the Scottish Biodiversity Information Forum (SBIF) in Scotland.

The SBIF was established in June 2012 following discussions within the biodiversity community in Scotland. It is a community-led non-constituted forum which brings together stakeholders from organisations actively involved in the collection, management, sharing or use of species or habitat data both in the terrestrial and marine environment.

The primary aim of the Forum is to facilitate a comprehensive and readily accessible supply of quality-assured biodiversity data in Scotland.  In particular it seeks to fulfil the recommendations tabled in response to Scottish Parliament Petition PE1229 and to support the delivery of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy.

Its vision is that:

“High quality species and habitat data will be collected and managed through a sustainable, co-ordinated and integrated local and national framework of organisations, partnerships and initiatives. These data will be available to ensure that Scotland’s biodiversity, ecosystems and people benefit.”

The SBIF Advisory Group acts as the point of liaison between the NBN and SBIF.

Follow this link for more information about the Advisory Group and to access minutes of their meetings.

Making the Most of Biodiversity Data 

The Forum has published a booklet called Making the Most of Biodiversity Data which contains a collection of case studies that illustrate and promote the use of biodiversity data by researchers and policy-makers.

The case studies document where the availability of biodiversity data is making a difference to our understanding and decision-making on land and at sea and demonstrate the value of the Forum’s ongoing work to facilitate the availability of biodiversity data in Scotland.

Download a copy of Making the Most of Biodiversity Data [PDF, 16pp, 895kB]

How to keep in contact with SBIF

There are different ways of keeping in touch with SBIF:

Our data protection statement and privacy policy

The Scottish Biodiversity Information Forum is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and our data protection statement and privacy policy can be downloaded below:

Download a copy of the SBIF data protection statement and privacy policy (updated May 2018)

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