The programme is now finalised and you can find out more about each of the speakers from the main NBN Conference page.

18th National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Conference

Wednesday 21 & Thursday 22 November 2018, Albert Hall, Nottingham

“The NBN in a changing climate”


Wednesday 21 November

09:30    Registration and coffee

Morning session: Engagement, involvement and facilitation

Chair of morning session:  Dr. Jo Judge, NBN Trust Chief Executive

10.00    Welcome and introduction by NBN Trust Chairman, Professor Michael Hassell

10.05    Keynote address Professor Adam Hart, University of Gloucestershire
“Monitoring and the Public: A Beautiful Synergy – But Tread Carefully…”

10.35    Dr. Jagoba Malumbres Olarte, University of the Azores
“Making the most of BioBlitz: CEBRA – optimised and standardised sampling for citizen science”

10.55    Janice Ansine, the Open University
“ building and maintaining a citizen science community for biodiversity”

11.15    Tea / coffee break

11.45   Dr. Rob Baxter, EPCC, the University of Edinburgh
“The Automated Data (Layer) Harvester – Adding scalability to the NBN system”

12.05   Gill Dowse, Scottish Wildlife Trust
“Introducing the Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels Community Hub”

12.10   Laura McCoy, Manx Natural Heritage
“The launch of NBN Atlas Isle of Man and Manx Wildlife Week”

12.15   Dr. Sara Goodacre, University of Nottingham
“Spider Science: from academic research to public engagement”

12.35   Q&A

12.45   Lunch, posters, displays and demonstrations


Afternoon session: Network Knowledge Exchange

Chair of afternoon session:  Roddy Fairley, NBN Trustee

14.00  Six parallel sessions

  1. Taking on The Challenge: new horizons for BioBlitz – Session lead is Matt Postles
  2. Data formatting for upload to the NBN Atlas – An introduction to Darwin Core – Session lead is Sophia Ratcliffe
  3. The challenges and solutions of running a successful local recording scheme – Session lead is David Nicholls
  4. Identification good practice and future solutions – Session lead is Sue Townsend
  5. A day in the life of a LERC – Session leads are Pauline Campbell and Lizzy Peat
  6. Build your own data collection app with Coreo – Session leads are Dave Kilbey, Joe Woodhouse and Jamie Forsyth

15.30 – 16:00 Coffee / tea break     

16:00 – 16:50 Sessions continue

16:50 – move back to the Great Hall

17.00 – 17.05 Chairman’s summing up of day 1

17.15 – 17.45 NBN Trust AGM (View the AGM 2018 Agenda – View the AGM 2017 Minutes)


18:00 – 19:30 UK Awards for Biological Recording & Information Sharing prize-giving


Thursday 22 November

09:00    Registration and coffee

Morning session:  Working together for our national biodiversity

Chair of morning session: Wilma Harper, NBN Trustee

09:25    Welcome and introduction by NBN Trust Chairman, Professor Michael Hassell

09:30    Keynote address Deborah Boobyer, Defra
“Developing the indicator framework for the 25 Year Environment Plan”

10:00    Jenny Dadd, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
“A tour of a functioning funding ecosystem”

10.20    Rich Burkmar, Field Studies Council
“FSC Identikit – a tool for building online ID resources”

10.40    Rachel Tierney, Scottish Wildlife Trust
“The SBIF Review: Re-imagining our biological recording infrastructure”

10.45   Tea / coffee break

11:15    Martin Lines, Nature Friendly Farming Network
“Making data work for farmers to help them improve biodiversity on their farms”

11:35    Paula Lightfoot, Newcastle University
“Monitoring recreational activities in marine protected areas – a case study of collaborative research”

11.40    Chris Gerrard, Anglian Water
“Joining the dots – A Bigger, Better, Joined approach to prioritising Anglian Water assets”

12:00    Leonardo Gubert, Highways England
“Roadside biodiversity and conservation in the southwest of England”

12.20    Q&A

12:30    Award of NBN Honorary Membership

12.35    Lunch, posters, displays and demonstrations


Afternoon session:  Adapting to change

Chair of afternoon session: Professor Michael Hassell, NBN Trust Chairman       

13.50    The Sir John Burnett Memorial Lecture, 2018 Professor Jane Memmott, University of Bristol – “Ecology and conservation at the community level”

14.20    Dave Spencer, Arcadis Consulting (UK)
“Arcadis’ current and future plans relating to data collection”

14.40    Danielle Connor, Pocket Pals
“Using technology to engage children with wildlife”

14:45    Tea / coffee break

15.10    Stephanie Dickens, Capturing our Coast Project Coordinator, Newcastle University
“Understanding species’ responses to changing environmental conditions using citizen science approaches to data gathering”

15:15    Professor Bill Kunin, University of Leeds
“Shifting population and biodiversity patterns in a changing world”

15:35    Mark Gray, Welsh Fishermen’s Association
“Fishermen recording marine invasive species”

15:55    Q&A

16:05    Chairman’s summing up.

16.10    End of conference