Improving the NBN Awards for Wildlife Recording

The NBN Trust has been running the annual NBN Awards for Wildlife Recording for eight years. During that time we have celebrated the work and achievements of over 65 biological recorders! Before we launched the 2023 Awards’ scheme with the same format as previously, we thought it was time for a thorough review to see how we might be able to make them even better. 

As a result, we engaged in an in-depth market research exercise at the beginning of 2023 with NBN Trust members, Network News subscribers and former NBN Award nominators as well as with Award recipients.  We are very grateful for the participation and valuable feedback from all those who took part in this review. 

The main findings and suggestions from the review were: 

  • to change the nomination period – to January to March – instead of May to July, in order to avoid ecologists’ busy field-season 
  • to review the current NBN Award categories 
  • to simplify the nomination process further 
  • to publicise the NBN Awards more widely. 

In order to make the suggested improvements we will not run the NBN Awards in 2023 and will instead launch the revamped Awards for nominations in January 2024.