The SBIF Advisory Group has undertaken to drive a review and redesign of the biological recording infrastructure in Scotland in order to inform any realignment of structures and resources necessary to achieve the SBIF vision:

High quality species and habitat data will be collected and managed through a sustainable, co-ordinated and integrated local and national framework of organisations, partnerships and initiatives.  These data will be available to ensure that Scotland’s biodiversity, ecosystems and people benefit.

The SBIF Review questionnaire

As part of the information gathering stage of the review, we have been using a questionnaire to seek the views and perspectives of everyone involved with biological recording.

The questionnaire is now closed and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete it. We have been delighted to receive over 280 completed responses from across the UK, and through these responses we will now be able to understand how our network of biological recording communities and infrastructure is working and where there are opportunities to strengthen it further, both locally and nationally.

The results of our analysis of the questionnaire responses and our high-level business case will be published on this page in due course.

Background information about the review

In February 2016, the then SBIF Steering Group (now known as the SBIF Advisory Group) and the NBN Trust agreed to bring together the SBIF and NBN so that we would be better aligned.  At the same time, we also undertook to review our biological recording infrastructure to enable it to be more sustainable and successful in operating the data flow pathway in Scotland.

Our overall infrastructure has never been fully reviewed – however, there is now a unique opportunity to take full advantage of new technologies for recording, managing and sharing data, and to ensure the sustainability of each element in the network, so that overall we bring about many benefits for recorders and users of biodiversity data.

Our approach to the review: planning and communications

Planning for the review commenced in July 2016, and a detailed plan outlining our approach to the review has been developed.  During the review, communication with all Stakeholders will take many forms, and we will use these pages and the NBN’s news pages to share our news and to make key documents, diagrams and reports available to all who are interested.

Follow this link to access key documents, diagrams and reports.

For further information about the review, please contact Christine Johnston, Scottish Liaison Officer