We are pleased to report on the sharing and upload of records for species, which are new to the NBN Atlas. The list will be updated whenever new species appear.

The records, not all of which are verified, are as follows, categorised by the month in which they first appeared:

August 2020

Aceria solida (Nalepa, 1892), acarine (Acari), 1 record

Fragilaria unipunctata (Lyngbye, 1819), diatom, 1 record

Gordionus violaceus (Baird, 1853), hairworm (Nematomorpha), 1 record

Medetera excellens (Frey, 1909), insect – true fly (Diptera), 1 record

Mycetophila lapponica (Lundström, 1906), insect – true fly (Diptera), 1 record

Ocys harpaloides (Audinet-Serville, 1821) sens.str., insect – beetle (Coleoptera), 17 records

Plutella haasi (Staudinger, 1883), Artic smudge, insect – moth, 1 record

Trichomalus placidus (Walker, 1834), insect – hymenopteran, 1 record