Network News is open for anyone within the partnership to submit articles to.  Just follow the simple guidelines for submission below, check the deadlines and away you go!

Guidelines for submitting an article

As Network News links directly to the NBN website, it means that articles can be pretty much any length, giving lots of flexibility to what you write.

As a general guide we would recommend that articles should be between 300 – 800 words, but if you just want to give a snippet of news it can be shorter than this, or if it’s important that you give lots of detail, then we will usually accept articles over this word count. We are very flexible as we want your stories to be told.

Images can really bring an article to life, so we do recommend that you submit photographs or screenshots to accompany your article.  These should be supplied as separate JPEG files and not embedded within the document containing your text. Please also supply any credits that we need to use.

Deadlines and publication dates for 2020

Month Deadline Publication
January 6 Jan 8 Jan
February 31 Jan 5 Feb
March 28 Feb 4 March
April 27 March 1 April
May 1 May 6 May
June 29 May 3 June
July 26 June 1 July
August 31 July 5 Aug
September 28 Aug 2 Sept
October 2 Oct 7 Oct
November 30 Oct 4 Nov
December 27 Nov 2 Dec


Submit an article

To submit an article please send it to Mandy at by the deadlines listed above.  We look forward to hearing from you!