Register your 2019 BioBlitz

If you’re planning on running a BioBlitz in 2019 you can now register your event.

By registering your event, the BioBlitz team will help market your BioBlitz by promoting it through social media channels and creating a page on the national calendar.

The free online resources have recently been updated, so if you need some pointers in running your BioBlitz make sure to head to the website.

Registering is easy, all you need to do is send an email to the BioBlitz team with the 5 pieces of information below:

1. The start and end time and date of your event

2. The name of your BioBlitz and location

3. A photo to promote your BioBlitz

4. Any of your social media pages linked to the BioBlitz you are running

5. A link to your event’s web page

Register your BioBlitz

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