Online Focus-groups for new data-types generated by eDNA, acoustic and environmental monitoring

The National Biodiversity Network Trust (NBN Trust) and the Natural History Museum (NHM) are looking at the ways in which organisations and recording schemes are engaging with emerging technologies to collect, enrich and share species data collected from eDNA , acoustic and environmental monitoring tools. We are really keen to hear your thoughts on how we can best work together on building robust data sharing pathways for these new data streams.
The NBN Trust and NHM are facilitating a series of online focus groups to better understand the motivations and barriers to data access, analysis and sharing of these data-types. If you’d like to attend, please register your interest via this form.
NHM is also conducting user-interviews looking at these topics on an individual basis, focusing specifically on eDNA and acoustics research and policy. Please book a meeting via this link if you’d like to take part.  You will receive a £5 Costa voucher as a thank you for taking part – a great opportunity to have your voice heard and cover tomorrow morning’s tea or coffee!

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