Looking after hedgehogs

Back in September last year we highlighted the hedgehog housing census which was being run by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species.  This has now closed with results due to be published in Spring.

The aim of the survey was to collect evidence to help guide people on how best to use hedgehog houses to help hedgehogs, based on the experiences of the thousands of people that already have them.

Some of the questions they wanted to answer were:

  • How frequently do hedgehog houses get used
  • Which design is best?
  • Does positioning of the box affect usage?
  • Should you provide bedding?
  • Does the presence of pets or other animals affect whether the box will be used?
  • Are commercially available designs worth the money – or is DIY better?

The survey results are now being analysed and the recommendations will be published in the next few months.

Guide to looking after hedgehogs

In advance of the official PTES survey results, Clive Harris, who runs the DIY Garden website, has written a 3,000 word guide on how to look after hedgehogs. Read Clive’s “Ultimate Guide to Looking After Hedgehogs” for hints, tips and general information.

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