Living England Habitat Probability Map

A new map that shows the extent and distribution of habitats in England has been launched. This probability map, which is freely available to view and use, will provide important data for environmental policy decision making, and can guide efforts to support nature’s recovery.

Living England

Living England is a multi-year project which delivers a habitat probability map for the whole of England, created using satellite imagery, field data records and other geospatial data in a machine learning framework. The Living England habitat probability map shows the extent and distribution of broad habitats across England, providing a valuable insight into our natural capital assets and helping to inform land management decisions. It is funded by and supports the Environmental Land Management (ELM) Schemes and the Natural Capital and Ecosystem Assessment (NCEA) Programme.

The Living England Habitat Probability Map provides an up-to-date prediction of habitat distribution and extent on a national scale for 2021/22. This can be used to help inform a wide range of applications, including:

  • Environmental policy decision making,
  • National habitat extent and connectivity assessments for targeting nature recovery,
  • Assessment of natural capital assets,
  • Ecosystem service modelling,
  • Updating the evidence base for key policy areas such as Environmental Land Management (ELM) schemes.

Where can I access the Living England Map?

You can access the Living England Map on MAGIC WebMap2, ArcGIS Online, the Natural England Open Data Portal, DEFRA Data Services Platform, data.govMore detail of the methods and data used is available in a technical user guide.

For more detailed information about how the Living England habitat probability map has been created, please visit the Natural England blog.

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