GBIF Science Review

The GBIF Science Review provides an annual survey drawn from the Secretariat’s ongoing literature tracking programme. It identifies research uses and citations of biodiversity information accessed through GBIF’s global infrastructure.

The peer-reviewed articles summarised in its pages offer a partial, but instructive view of research investigations enhanced and supported by free open access data that the GBIF network of members and publishers make available.

The latest edition of the GBIF Science Review presents a selection of some of the key research uses of GBIF mediated data published during 2019.

The data uses featured in the 2020 Science Review represent part of an impressive and rapidly growing corpus of work. The data resources on which they’re built supported 743 peer-reviewed publications in 2019—a rate of roughly two research articles every day. In comparison, the cumulative number of studies published between 2003 and 2009 amounted to just 157 papers.

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