CJS Focus on Careers in Ecology & Biodiversity

In its first look at careers in ecology & biodiversity, CJS Focus has a number of articles which give information on how to get into the ecological sector, how to progress and perhaps most importantly – how to enjoy the work!

The lead article from CIEEM provides information on the variety of jobs available in the ecology sector and other articles include:

  • So you want to become an ecologist by the Ecology Academy
  • A day in the Life of an ecologist by James at Arbtech and Laura at Total Ecology
  • Setting up as a freelance ecologist – the good and the bad with Eco-Habitat
  • Ecology Training UK runs through the skills you need to work in conservation and how to get them
  • The job of a Biodiversity Officer and the tasks undertaken by local authorities
  • A look at the life of an early career ecologist
  • Career progression in ecological sciences with British Ecological Society. 

You can read the full Focus issue on the CJS website 

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