Calling all marine-wildlife data stakeholders!

Many people are involved in the collation and use of marine biodiversity data – and together form a vital network with a shared desire to understand, enjoy and protect the marine environment.

NatureScot’s Marine Ecosystems Activity Team, is carrying out a marine data review, as an adjunct to the original Scottish Biodiversity Information Forum (SBIF) review which was published in 2018.

The Marine Ecosystems Activity Team would like your views – via this questionnaire – if you are any part of the UK’s marine sectors, and particularly if you are a stakeholder in Scotland’s marine sectors.

Your responses will help the Team understand how well the existing marine biodiversity data infrastructure is working and they welcome your ideas of how to improve data workflows and data accessibility.

The analysis of the questionnaire results will be published and will contribute to and support the ongoing work by the UK Marine Environmental Data & Information Network (MEDIN) in helping achieve the objectives for more integrated data management and sharing, as well as compliance with the INSPIRE Directive to make data accessible to the public.

Although the primary remit of this marine data review is for Scotland, the Team is interested in hearing from people across the UK as the issues and improvements needed could be common to everyone in the UK marine sectors.

Access the Scottish Marine Biodiversity Data Review questionnaire – it will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

The questionnaire closes on Monday 7 June.


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