Birds on the Brink

Birds on the Brink is a conservation grant-awarding charity that is funded by the competition Bird Photographer of the Year.

It was borne of a passion for wildlife, and in particular birds, but also out of a sense of despair: a response to the seemingly unstoppable process of human environmental exploitation and biodiversity’s steady progression towards extinction. But at its heart there is a recognition that all is not yet lost and that if enough people care passionately enough about the world we live in, we stand a chance of reversing the decline. We know that the first step is to engage and educate people about the issues, and that is where striking imagery can help capture the imagination and nurture interest and compassion.

Virtual exhibition

Birds on the Brink was due to hold an exhibition at the Oxo Gallery, London in April 2020, but that event was cancelled for obvious reasons.

The team always planned to create some form of digital experience and have translated the exhibition into an ebook.

The book combines great photography, data and stories about bird population decline and the contributing factors. As the owners of the Bird Photographer of the Year competition, Birds on the Brink is committed to using photography as a force for good and positive change.

The hope is that this short ebook will be the first of many.

Download the Birds on the Brink ebook.

Bird Photographer of the Year and Birds on the Brink

Bird Photographer of the Year (BPOTY), the competition that funds Birds on the Brink, was launched five years ago and its conservation-and inspiration-driven aspirations continue to evolve to this day. From the outset, BPOTY’s aims were to inspire people to care using world class imagery, and to support conservation. With BPOTY firmly established, the charity Birds on the Brink now owns Bird Photographer of the Year and derives its funds from the competition. The aims of BPOTY and Birds on the Brink align when it comes to inspiring people to care and Birds on the Brink is now the vehicle through which grants can be awarded to innovative bird-related conservation projects, ones where a modest amount of money can do the most measurable good.

Nature Photographers Limited, Bird Photographer of the Year and Birds on the Brink kindly sponsor prizes in the NBN Awards for Wildlife Recording.

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