Better Biodiversity Data project

The Better Biodiversity Data project (BBD), which the NBN Trust will lead and manage, was approved in October 2022. This is a partnership project funded by Scottish Government and NatureScot to develop the first steps in a strategic approach to the collection, collation and sharing of biological data across Scotland. The project will work closely with the Local Environmental Records Centres, Recording Groups and other members of the Scottish Biodiversity Information Forum.

The funding of £580,000 over two years will include the creation of five new roles to deliver the project and we have recruited the first two posts: Scotland Programme Manager and Partnership Officer.

Better Biodiversity Data Project aims

The BBD Project seeks to:

  • Establish a national hub for Scotland as a coordinating body
  • Establish a new, single framework agreement with NatureScot, securing funding for LERCs and Recording Groups
  • Establish a single, shared, Scotland-wide data management system
  • Establish streamlined data flows to and from the LERCs, supported by central data agreements with key data partners
  • Establish the first national data product/ service for one customer group

NBN Trust’s role

The role of the NBN Trust in the BBD project is:

  • Project leadership and governance
  • Employment of project staff within NBN Trust team
  • Management of project delivery
  • Engagement of project partners & stakeholders in planning and delivery
  • Facilitating interoperability with NBN Atlas & iRecord

What is the value of the project for NatureScot & Scottish Government?

BBD is part of a package of Scottish Government support totalling over £2.9 million, which will focus on conservation, research and connecting people with nature – aiming to accelerate the response to the biodiversity and climate crises.

BBD will:

  • Contribute to green recovery programme for Government and national planning framework
  • Be a key component of Scottish Biodiversity Strategy reporting requirements
  • Enhance reputation as evidence-based organisations and global leaders
  • Ensure common standards and increased efficiencies
  • Allow consistent funding agreements and access to biodiversity products
  • Increase value for money
  • Give access to suite of key indicator species datasets
  • Ensure Local Authorities can fulfil statutory duty
  • Increase resilience of data holdings and strengthen local record system in Scotland
  • Streamline marine and terrestrial data
  • Create bespoke products to provide new insights into environmental issues and changes
  • Create faster planning screening processes

Benefits for the LERCs and Recording Groups

  • Enhanced impact of data
  • Greater recognition at the strategic level
  • New ‘state of the art’ online data management system
  • Income from national-level services > more sustainable operating model
  • National Hub oversight and access to training, support and development
  • Data management continuity
  • Access to funding for future projects

Further updates will be given after the recruitment of the Scotland Programme Manager and Partnership Officer.

BBD Timeline

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