The SBIF Advisory Group has undertaken to drive a Review and redesign of the biological recording infrastructure in Scotland. Through this Review, we aim to determine the optimum infrastructure for biological recording, an infrastructure that in turn will attract the necessary belief, commitment and investment by stakeholders to be sustainable and successful in fulfilling the original vision of SBIF:

High quality species and habitat data will be collected and managed through a sustainable, co-ordinated and integrated local and national framework of organisations, partnerships and initiatives.  These data will be available to ensure that Scotland’s biodiversity, ecosystems and people benefit.

The Review seeks to take place in such a way as to be cohesive across Scotland with support from all stakeholders and the willingness and energy to then make any desired transitions by 2025.  It encompasses the stages listed below and information and links to documents produced at each stage can be accessed by following the links.

                              Comprising a questionnaire, interviews and a literature search.

                              Detailed plans for Stage 4 will be developed during Stage 3.

How to keep informed about the Review

For other general information about SBIF and the Review, please contact Christine Johnston, NBN Scottish Liaison Officer.

Page last updated: May 2018.