We need your Scottish biodiversity data stories!

Image c. Christine Tansey

The Better Biodiversity Data (BBD) project will be holding an exhibition in the Scottish Parliament in September 2024. As part of this event, we want to tell stories from those involved in the collection, collation and use of biodiversity data, therefore we need your help to showcase the importance of the biodiversity data infrastructure in Scotland.

The BBD team invites you to contribute your experiences to add to our big map of Scotland’s biodiversity data stories.

  • Are you a biological recorder in Scotland? 
  • Have you taken part in an event, a recording scheme or encountered challenges when recording or sharing data? 
  • Would you like to tell Scottish policymakers about the importance of biodiversity data, and the role played by recorders? 

We are looking for short examples that highlight the wide range of ways that biodiversity data may be collected or submitted to different parts of the biodiversity data infrastructure, including recording schemes, Local Environmental Records Centres (LERCs) and the NBN Atlas Scotland. 

We are interested in the experiences of those engaging in biological recording, this could be through organised events or as individual recorders. We’d like to know what has worked well and how people encounter recording in Scotland. 

We are also keen to hear from those who have had issues or encountered barriers to collecting or using biodiversity data. These stories will help us understand where better connections can be made in the future biodiversity data infrastructure in Scotland. 

If you have a story, video, photo, map or audio recording you would like to share – we will be taking submissions until the end of June 2024 through this Google Form. 

These submissions will contribute to the digital content we share with policymakers as part of the BBD exhibition at Holyrood in September 2024. 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more – please contact Christine Tansey – Partnership Officer for the BBD project: c.tansey@nbn.org.uk 

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