Want to Study Wildlife?

BRISC (Biological Recording in Scotland) and GNHS (Glasgow Natural History Society) have been offering bursaries towards studying wildlife in Scotland since 2009. 

Since then other partners have joined the scheme. Some of the criteria for joining a bursary programme are shown below: 

  • BRISC and GNHS (Glasgow Natural History Society) bursaries are open to everyone.
  • NatureScot bursaries are targeted at those aged 25 and under.
  • The Inverness Botany Group welcomes applications from those living/recording in the Highlands.
  • Bursaries are open to anyone living in Scotland.
  • The bursaries will be for £200 or 75% of the cost of the course, whichever is lowest.
  • Courses must be chosen from the taxonomic courses listed under the Field Studies Council Professional Development Programme, or similar courses run by academic institutions.  Please note that NVC courses are not eligible for the bursary.
  • All organisations are keen to ensure that any biological records gathered are mobilised to the NBN Atlas Scotland, through local record centres, local data hubs or online recording schemes as appropriate. The sharing of skills with colleagues and others is also encouraged. BRISC and GNHS are particularly interested in applications for courses where the species/group has a lack of taxonomic expertise, and/or geographic areas where records are limited.

Application forms are available on the BRISC website and should be submitted to bursary@brisc.org.uk by 31 January 2022.

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