Volunteered Geographic Information – Call for Papers

Volunteered Geographic Information: Looking Towards the Next 10 Years (VGINTY)

Call for Papers

Ten years have now passed since Mike Goodchild wrote his seminal paper on ‘Citizens as Sensors’ (2007). Since then, Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) has become an ever more popular research topic; in the spatial sciences, the potential value of this new data stream has been clearly recognized by the scientific community. VGI is also of interest to other stakeholders such as national mapping agencies, disaster response teams, environmental agencies, NGOs and the private sector. Yet, at present, the quality of the data and the lack of applications that embed VGI within operational workflows represent key challenges for VGI, among many others. The first 10 years of VGI has seen an explosion of activity, particularly in the form of projects such as OpenStreetMap – but what will the next 10 years hold?

To consider this question, we invite papers to this special issue that address any aspect of VGI, in particular, but not limited, to the following:
● Methods for evaluating or improving VGI data quality;
● Innovative applications that integrate multiple data streams from VGI and/or authoritative data sources;
● Issues related to interoperability, standards for VGI, data management and sharing of data;
● Issues related to volunteer engagement, motivation and sustainability of VGI initiatives;
● Gamification approaches to collecting VGI;
● Applications of VGI, which can include new initiatives or building on existing projects such as OpenStreetMap;
● Further developments in the field of citizen observatories; and
● The use of VGI for Earth Observation.

Authors are also encouraged to submit papers that have an outlook on the future, i.e. what new resources and capabilities will the field of VGI (or the applications that use VGI) bring to the forefront in 10 years from now?


Please contact the Guest Editors if you plan to contribute to this VGINTY Special Issue!

The deadline for submissions is 30th September 2017.

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