Volunteer for Ecological Continuity Trust

Would you or a member of your team or wider network of family and friends like to volunteer for the Ecological Continuity Trust (ECT)? If you are enthusiastic about ecology and perhaps looking to gain experience with a charity or even ‘give something back’, then please read on.

Support for charities such as ECT comes in many forms and, with ECT’s current expansion and growth, they are looking to create a new pool of volunteers who could be called upon from time-to-time to assist with ECT projects. This could mean contributing ‘virtually’ from your home towards comms activities, or perhaps joining a volunteer maintenance team for a day at one of the 35 currently active long-term experiments on ECT’s national register.

They would expect to call upon volunteers once or perhaps twice each year on average, depending upon the size of the volunteer pool that ECT is able to establish and of course their availability at any given time. With pandemic restrictions on fieldwork hopefully now easing, opportunities for maintenance days or open days at the experiments on their register are likely to increase over the next year.

If you have read this far and are still interested, then please email Ben Sykes, ECT’s Executive Director, at ben.sykes@ecologicalcontinuitytrust.org with the following information:

(a) Your wish to register as an ECT volunteer, and

(b) A short paragraph describing any relevant skills/knowledge you may bring to a volunteer role.

ECT volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

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