Veolia Environmental Trust funding

Veolia Environmental Trust supports community and environmental projects across England through the Landfill Communities Fund, using money provided by Veolia.


The application process can take time as each application is carefully appraised. It could take several months before you know the outcome.

There is no deadline for starting the process of applying for a grant. Your project’s start date is the key piece of information you need to consider when you are determining when to submit your Stage 1 and Stage 2 application.

Choosing to submit an application at the right point will give you as much time as possible to prepare and gather the information that will allow you to submit the best one possible.

You must have 20% of your total project cost in cash before you submit your Stage 1 application (this cannot be cash equivalent of goods/services that will be provided at cost or for free, or pledged amounts) and you must have secured all permissions needed (e.g. planning permission) before you submit your Stage 2 application.

Application information and stage closing dates


Preparing to make a bid

The value of requests for funding is far higher than the amount of money Veolia has available. Your application will be assessed against Veolia’s priorities and consideration will be given to how well it meets them in comparison with other applications put forward for a specific funding round.

In this competitive environment it is in your and your project’s interest to prepare and submit the best application possible. It needs to communicate clearly and concisely what you want to achieve, how your project meets Veolia’s objectives, why it is needed and how it will best meet this need.

Full information can be found on the Veolia Environmental Trust’s website.

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