The Better Biodiversity Data project: welcoming our new team members

The Better Biodiversity Data (BBD) project is continuing to work with its partners across Scotland to improve the biodiversity data infrastructure with the help of three new team members.

In March 2023, the BBD project’s first staff, Mike Tetley and Christine Tansey, started working towards achieving the BBD project’s three objectives, for:

  1. A nationwide partnership providing biodiversity data services on behalf of Scotland.
  2. A fit-for-purpose Data Management and Digital Services System, providing financially sustainable value-added services to users.
  3. A connected functional biodiversity data community and infrastructure, following FAIR and Open Data principles, across all sectors.

Over the summer of 2023, Mike and Christine embarked on a tour of Scotland, to engage with the Local Environmental Records Centres (LERCs) and Recording Groups, that make up the BBD project’s core partners:

  • Argyll Biological Records Centre (ABReC)
  • Fife Nature Records Centre
  • Glasgow Museums Biological Records Centre (GMBRC)
  • Highland Biological Recording Group (HBRG)
  • North East Scotland Biological Records Centre (NESBReC)
  • Orkney Wildlife Recording Group (OWRG)
  • Outer Hebrides Biological Recording (OHBR)
  • Shetland Biological Records Centre (SBRC)
  • South West Scotland Environmental Information Centre (SWSEIC)
  • The Wildlife Information Centre (TWIC)

As of Autumn 2023, the BBD team has welcomed three new members. They will help tackle the creation of a fit-for-purpose Data Management and Digital Services System that will support the work of the BBD project’s core partners.

Emily Baker is the BBD Data and Digital Services Manager and will oversee the implementation of the new Data Management and Digital Services system. She will support users in developing new data products and services. Emily joins the project with a passion for data and citizen science, experience working at Hertfordshire Environmental Records Centre and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, and a PhD on the verification of ecological citizen science data.

Bethany Fairbairn is the BBD Business Analyst and will facilitate the consultation with BBD project partners on the new Data Management and Digital Services System. She will analyse their requirements and support the technical development of the System. Bethany joins the project with a deep interest in conservation and the tools and technologies used in biodiversity monitoring. She has worked in the Civil Service on the development of systems and services on websites and apps and has an academic background in biodiversity and conservation.

Philip Bysh is working with the BBD project on a consultancy basis, as the Lead Business Analyst. The BBD project is benefitting from his extensive experience as a business analyst and he will oversee the consultation and work undertaken by Bethany Fairbairn. Philip brings a strong interest in conservation and ornithology to his work with the BBD project.

The BBD team will embark on the next phase of the project in 2024, and will continue to promote the importance of a strong biodiversity data infrastructure in Scotland.

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