Thank you for giving

We have recently been receiving donations through the PayPal giving fund – the donations come to us anonymously so we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you!

As many of you know we rely on donations as well as membership to support the fantastic network of biological recorders.

The recent donation of around £10 is really appreciated. Although to many this is a small amount, to put it in context it costs us £1.50 each month for one staff member to have access to and use Microsoft 365 – i.e. access to office products, email, cloud storage etc. – all the things that allow us to operate efficiently.

So, this donation allows a member of NBN staff to access Microsoft 365 and carry out our work for just over 6 months!

So thank you for your support. It really is appreciated.


As well as PayPal giving you can also support us via Amazon Smile and Easyfundraising.

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