Thank you and farewell to Ella!

We would like to say a huge thank you and good luck for the future to Ella Vogel, NBN Projects Development Officer, who has now left the NBN Secretariat.  Ella’s work made a really positive impact on the NBN and her hard work has been very much appreciated.

Before she left, we asked Ella to give a brief summary of her time with the NBN and this is what she had to say.

Over the three and a bit years that I’ve been working with the NBN a lot has changed, I’ve worked with some brilliant people, and I have learned a lot. I’d like to take up a little bit of space in this month’s Network News to thank those who I’ve had the pleasure of working with as my time as Projects Development Officer who have guided and supported me along the way. The National Biodiversity Network is a unique and brilliant crowd of people, and there’s no doubting the power of the enthusiasm and passion for biodiversity that each person in the Network brings to the collective cause. 

It’s been such a thrill to see the Atlases come to fruition during my time with the NBN, first with the NBN Atlas Scotland, and now with the core NBN Atlas and Atlases for Wales and the Isle of Man, with Northern Ireland on its way. These projects have come to life as a result of the passion and hard work of the Network and our key project partners, and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow further in the future. 

The introduction of the John Sawyer Open Data Award has been a brilliant window through which to view our data partner’s growing commitments to open and accessible data, and it’s always humbling and inspiring to witness the amazing recipients of the other recording awards at the NBN’s annual conference.

My colleagues at the NBN Secretariat, both past and present, have been a wonderful and supportive family to work with, and I have no doubt about the big things that they can deliver in the future.

It’s been a pleasure.


Regarding a replacement for Ella, we are re-evaluating the skills needed within the NBN Secretariat and will be advertising a role within the next few months.

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