Survey on opportunities for volunteer tree health monitoring

Do you care for the trees in our gardens, parks, hedges and woods? Are you concerned about monitoring the state of our trees?

The Sentinel Treescapes project would like your help to understand opportunities for developing a volunteer tree health monitoring network, by taking part in its 10-minute survey. You will be asked questions about your motivations and your opinion on different aspects of tree health monitoring. The survey is open until the end of July, so please feel free to share it with others in your networks!

Trees provide vital benefits including habitat, shade, water regulation, air purification and carbon capture. However, these valuable resources are under threat from climate change, land use change and pests and diseases. Protecting our treescapes requires innovative ways of monitoring: from citizen science, to satellites, drones, and sensors on trees. This survey focuses on the role of citizen science.

Your help completing and sharing this survey will inform the future of tree health monitoring. Research findings will be made publicly available via blog posts and journal articles.

For further information and if you would like to be alerted to new publications please contact

This survey is part of the NERC funded Sentinel Treescapes project joining together Fera Science Ltd., UKCEH, Newcastle University, The Tree Council and the University of Strathclyde.

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