Sensitive species workshop

The NBN Atlas automatically blurs records of species that are on a pre-defined sensitive species list, so that their exact location is not available publicly.

The lists that are currently used to identify these sensitive species have been drawn up by the country statutory agencies, however, these lists will need to be maintained and updated over time. The NBN Trust would like to involve species experts from across our Network in coming to decisions around the governance, responsibility, and criteria for these lists.


A workshop will therefore be held on 30th August (location tbc) to bring expertise across taxons and organisations together to help us shape our sensitive species policy.  This will help ensure that, via the NBN Atlas, records of sensitive species are appropriately protected, while other species records are not unnecessarily blurred.

Invites for this workshop have already been sent to some members of the Network and others have signed up, however, if you feel that you have the expertise and availability to be able to join and contribute to this workshop, then please get in touch with Ella. 

You can find the current Sensitive Species lists on the NBN Atlas.

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