Research on range-shifting species establishing in the UK – can you help?

Jamie Cranston, a PhD student, co-supervised by the University of Exeter, BRC and the NBN, is currently working on a study exploring recorders’ attitudes to new species establishing in the UK. Many species are currently shifting their ranges around the globe which may have important ramifications for UK ecology as well as biodiversity planning and management.

The starting point of this is a survey to gather some initial data which begin to characterise the broad considerations amongst recorders on the topic and maybe identify some differences.

Get involved

Please follow the link below if you are interested in completing the survey.

Go to the survey

The survey takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on how detailed you might want to be in sharing your perspectives for the more open-ended questions. There are no compulsory questions to hold you up, but all the information is useful for the final analysis.

During the survey, you’ll see four species, two birds and two invertebrates (each randomly selected from a wider pool). These may not all be familiar to you, but any response, even “no opinion” is still useful data.

Want to know more?

Anyone interested in seeing a copy of the final study or if there are any questions, please email Jamie. Alternatively, you can follow Jamie on Twitter @JP_Cranston, for more general updates.

Finally, if you know anyone else who records wildlife that might be interested in the topic and could let them know about this research that would be very much appreciated


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