Request for information

The NBN Trust would like to request information from educational institutions that use records from the NBN Atlas.

In the last year we have seen an increase in the use of the NBN Atlas in education and academia and we are keen to support and develop this.

We are interested in developing tools and resources to support the NBN Atlas as an educational tool.  As a starting point we would be grateful if those involved could let us know if their institution uses the NBN Atlas in courses or for MSc students, and if possible, the name of the course and the number of students on the course.

This will allow us to include these metrics in our annual reporting, which will help highlight the importance and value of the NBN Atlas for education in the UK.  It will also allow us to assess how we can better support educational users and institutions and develop reusable resources.

If you have information that you can share with us, please email Sophie at

Thank you.

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