Páramo® clothing and an opportunity for NBN Trust members

Professionals and outdoor workers are the focus of Páramo product development.

Why professionals choose Páramo® clothing

By satisfying the requirements of mountain guides, nature professionals, fieldworkers, Mountain Rescue Teams and expeditionary workforces such as the British Antarctic Survey, Páramo ensures all outdoor enthusiasts benefit from new fabric developments and functional garment design.

High performance waterproofs

Páramo has specialised in using Nikwax Analogy fabrics since the company’s foundation in 1992. In the 1980s Nick Brown, Páramo’s founder, designed an innovative fabric based on how mammals stay dry, as their fur pumps water away from the body.

This extraordinarily effective fabric system keeps wearers warm and dry on the inside and outside, even in the most extreme conditions, working in all temperatures and humidity levels, when membranes often fail. The soft material is quiet, flexible and very comfortable to wear.

Nikwax Analogy is not reliant on per-fluorinated chemicals (PFCs) or membranes to provide weather protection and unrivalled moisture management. Since 2012, Nikwax fabrics have been rigorously tested to ensure they have not been treated with PFCs anywhere in the supply chain. From 1 April 2016, all garments manufactured by Páramo have been verified PFC-free.

c. Paramo
c. Paramo

Sustainable waterproofs

Páramo waterproofs do not use fragile membranes, laminates or taped seams that inhibit recycling. Waterproofing is renewable with Nikwax® aftercare and the waterproof qualities are not compromised by puncture, so damaged clothing can be repaired in the field or by Páramo’s expert UK workshop to function equally well again. The durable fabrics have been rigorously tested over many years. As a result, many Páramo waterproofs remain in regular use after 15+ years.

Páramo’s Recycling Scheme encourages customers to return their old gear for a discount on new. Returned clothing is either refurbished in Páramo’s workshop for a new owner or recycled into high-grade polyester to close the production loop.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

In January 2016, Páramo became the first outdoor company to sign Greenpeace’s Detox Commitment, ensuring hazardous, persistent pollutants are excluded from production.

Páramo offset their carbon emissions every year with donations to conservation projects by World Land Trust.

Since 1992, Páramo has produced with the Miquelina Foundation, a social enterprise empowering exploited women in Colombia. Miquelina’s fair trade production standards are certified by the World Fair Trade Organization, of which it is a fully-fledged member. All Páramo products produced at Miquelina from January 2017 carry WFTO’s First-Buyer label.

Copyright Christian Breitler, Greenpeace

Nature Pro Scheme

Thanks to the relationship that has been built between Paramo and the NBN, through Paramo’s sponsorship of prizes for the UK Awards for biological recording, members of the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Trust are eligible to join Páramo’s Nature Professional Scheme.

Find out more and complete the application on the Paramo website, ensuring you mention the NBN on your application.

Your membership card entitles you to 20% off RRP and a 5% further in loyalty points to spend on future purchases, when buying direct from Páramo or from our Brand Stores. Members also receive special deals and clearance offers as well as opportunities to trial pre-production kit.

If you are equipping a whole team, contact Páramo’s Contract Sales team for help with bulk orders, custom designs and colours, plus badging/ branding garments for your team’s requirements.  Any questions, call +44 (0)1892 786446 or email contract.sales@paramo.co.uk.

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