Nurture programme identifies talented data scientists

Eden Smith, a specialist data & analytics staffing & consulting business based in London, is passionate about helping businesses make sense of their data.  Identifying talented data scientists is a key component of its work and it it does this through the NURTURE programme.

What is NURTURE?

Most businesses are continuously seeking new ways to understand customers and make sense of their data to support informed decision making. Deriving benefit from data science is increasingly important, but this can be difficult if you struggle to find the best data scientists for your business.

The NURTURE programme is a free initiative Eden Smith is running to help bridge the gap between academia and industry. It is working with 12 universities across the country and has over 100 data science masters students.

Through NURTURE, businesses may engage multiple students and are also welcome to run multiple projects through the programme.

How can the NURTURE programme help you?

A business can expect to reap significant benefits through membership of the NURTURE programme. These would include:

➢ Experiencing quantifiable results from the data project.

➢ Generating a fact based financial justification for further investment.

➢ Experiencing the work of a potential data science employee for three months prior to offer.

➢ Receiving “first refusal” on recruitment of their intern.

➢ Evaluation of potential data platforms and technology over the 3 month project period.

➢ Benefitting from a significantly discounted recruitment fee if the intern is hired.

If you need a data scientist in your life then please contact Lucy Lynch, Head of Graduate Partnerships on the NURTURE programme.

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