Network News August 2017

View Network News August 2017. In this issue:

  • NBN Conference – bookings are now open!
  • £1.23 million National Lottery award to support biodiversity training
  • Download limit on NBN Atlas has been increased
  • NBN CEO speaking at Birdfair
  • Ten Years of the LERC Network in Wales
  • NBN Atlas Help Guides and Videos
  • Sensitive species workshop
  • Nature’s Postcodes – Visualising NBN data
  • My time at the NBN – Jonathan Fenn
  • Biodiversity Communications Officer job vacancy
  • Innovative app set to transform cetacean citizen science in the Hebrides
  • OPAL network scoops Imperial College London award
  • House of Lords Call for evidence
  • NBN financial statements 2016/17
  • NERC Early Career Researcher evaluation

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