NERC funded project – ‘Opening up science for all’

NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) is funding a project to scope out out how to open up science for all.

The project, OPENER, wants to uncover a national community for public engagement in the environmental sciences by bringing together organisational stakeholders and community groups. Together they will produce a collective vision that will define this community, to embed members of the public in the scientific process, informing research and key strategies moving forward.

At the start of the project they have created a short survey to capture your thoughts on the potential for public engagement and citizen science in environmental research. They would like to understand how a community for environmental engagement might support activities in this area.

The results of this survey will be made available via a Blog in early summer. For further information about the project you can follow it on Twitter @OpenUpSci or join the mailing list.

Go to the survey

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