NBN Gateway User Review

The NBN Trust is continually looking at how it can improve the NBN Gateway in terms of data upload, data access, data visualisation and data use. We are now conducting a survey to help us better understand your current experiences of the NBN Gateway and to identify where we can make improvements. Included in this is the UK Species Inventory which is a core part of the UK’s biological recording infrastructure.


Information from this survey will be used to inform both future changes to the NBN Gateway and discussions at the forthcoming NBN Gateway User Needs Analysis workshops to be held in London on 20 November 2014.  The results of the survey will be summarised and circulated to all participants and members of the NBN.  


This survey is split into nine sections, each taking no more than five minutes to complete. We recommend reading through the questions first so you are clear what we are asking and so that you can ensure you have enough time to complete the survey.  The survey must be completed on Google Forms, but you may find it helpful to download a PDF hard copy of the survey first in order to read all the questions and prepare your answers.

Please complete the survey by the end of Friday 14th November.

Thank you in advance for your time and continued support.

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