NBN Conference – call for student abstract submissions

We are opening up the NBN Conference and offering speaking slots to students who are interested in participating in this event.  With an anticipated attendance of 180+ delegates this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work or projects, within the overall theme of “The NBN in a changing climate”.

There are three opportunities of 5 minutes each on Thursday 22 November.

The Conference is being held in Nottingham on 21 and 22 November


Students should be undertaking a relevant ecological or biological course and the talk should relate their studies or project work to wildlife data within the overall theme of the Conference, as well as to the Thursday session themes of either “Working together to support the 25 Year Environment Plan” or “Adapting to change”.

Abstract submissions should be no longer than 300 words and must be submitted to support@nbn.org.uk

Please provide your name, educational establishment’s name and your email address. Please ensure you provide an email address that you will be able to access outside of term time.

Dates and information

To guarantee your place in the programme, each successful applicant must register for the Conference by 16 September. Your abstract will be withdrawn if you do not register by this date.

Please register for the Conference with the same email used to submit your abstract.

Good luck!


Please note that by submitting an abstract you should be able to fund your own attendance at the NBN Conference and cover your registration costs.  The ticket cost for student attendance at the Conference is £40 for one day or £70 for two days.

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