NBN Atlas update – March 2017

With three weeks to go until the NBN Atlas goes live, here is the latest update on developments.

User testing

From 8th March user testing of the NBN Atlas will be open to those who signed up to be part of the user testing group.  There is still time to get involved, so please let us know if you want to be part of this group by emailing support@nbn.org.uk  The more people that get involved, the more thorough the feedback will be, so please do sign up if you have chance.  It is a short timescale for the initial feedback, which will close on 15th March, but we will welcome your thoughts and comments on an ongoing basis after the NBN Atlas goes live on 1st April.

Submitting data

If you want to submit datasets to the NBN Atlas please send them to data@nbnatlas.org in either the NBN Gateway Data Exchange format or Darwin Core.  We are in the process of drafting our own guidance and templates for the Darwin Core format, in the meantime you can use the templates from the Atlas of Living Australia (Find out more about Darwin Core).

Please note that any datasets submitted now will not be visible until after the NBN Atlas is live in April. By submitting data to the NBN Atlas, data partners are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use. The Terms and Conditions will be published shortly.

Historic data

Information will be available shortly.

Sensitive Species lists

Information will be available shortly.

Other information

Information previously communicated in relation to the NBN Atlas can be found in the February update

More information will be available over the next couple of weeks, so please keep an eye on the website and social media for further updates.

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