Upgrading the NBN Atlas – an AWS case study

Building a Modern, Resilient Infrastructure Using the AWS Well-Architected Framework with CirrusHQ

Part of the NBN Atlas Fit for the Future Project, included optimising the management of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and modernising our DevOps (development, testing and delivery) practices. With only a small development team (Helen and Keith), we were having to spend too much time manually managing the platform and were not making full use of the available AWS services.

We therefore turned to AWS to learn how to better structure the NBN Atlas architecture and operate in the cloud. Working alongside CirrusHQ, an AWS Well-Architected Partner, we built a highly scalable, performant, cost-optimised architecture that improved security and disaster recovery protocols and significantly reduced the time that the development team have to spend on firefighting.

Operational health, performance, and cost optimisation reviews were all carried out as part of the process, to stabilise the team’s workload, reduce downtime, and adapt a performance vs cost balance approach. Critically, this has freed up valuable time that can be dedicated to our mission of “making data work for nature.”

We are very grateful that AWS kindly funded this work and really pleased that AWS and CirrusHQ have used the NBN Atlas and NBN Trust work as a case study.

You can read the full detail of the work undertaken in the case study on the AWS website.

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