Spatial Layer update

Apart from holding species data, the NBN Atlas holds a suite of spatial data layers such as boundary, habitat and environmental data layers. These layers provide the background information that enables the selection of species records by specific features, such as protected areas. 

Most recently our focus has been on continuing to source and add habitat information to the portal however we are at a point at which we have uploaded nearly as many layers as we can for the moment.  We are still in discussion with key spatial layer providers about the best way for habitat information to be provided to us, and so more habitat information should be forthcoming in the future.  As well as the new habitat layers you will see that some key boundary layers have been updated. 

New layers 

CASI and LIDAR Habitat Map (England) 

Habitat mapping of the Southern Irish Sea (HABMAP Extension Project) (Wales) 

Intertidal Phase 1 Habitat Survey (Biotopes) (Wales) 

National Forest Inventory Woodland England 2018 

National Forest Inventory Woodland Scotland 2018 

National Forest Inventory Woodland Wales 2018 

North Merseyside Local Wildlife Sites 

Open Mosaic Habitat (Draft) (England) 

Priority Habitats – Fens (Northern Ireland) 

Priority Habitats – Grassland Inventory Update (NVC types) (Northern Ireland) 

Priority Habitats – Heathland (Northern Ireland) 

Priority Habitats – Peatland (Northern Ireland) 

Terrestrial Phase 1 Habitat Survey (Vegetation Voronoi) (Wales) 

Recently updated layers

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (England) 

Greenspace (GB) 

Heritage Coasts (England) 

Local Nature Reserves (England) 

Local Nature Reserves (Wales) 

National Character Areas (England) 

National Nature Reserves (England) 

National Nature Reserves (Wales) 

RAMSAR (Wetlands of International Importance) (England) 

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (England) 

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (Wales) 

Special Areas of Conservation (England) 

Special Areas of Conservation (Wales) 

Special Protection Areas (England) 

Accessing the spatial layers 

The full set of spatial layers can be accessed through the NBN Atlas spatial portal. Navigate to the spatial portal from the NBN Atlas home page by selecting the ‘Analyse’ tab. Go to the ‘Add to Map’ dropdown in the top left corner and choose ‘Layers’ to reach the ‘Add Layer’ dialogue box. Layers are categorised by country and broad topic, and the metadata can be reached via the information (i) button alongside each layer name. 

Please do get in contact with us ( if you have any suggestions for habitat (or indeed any other) layers you would find useful to have access to in the NBN Atlas. 

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